Please bring the following items with you to facilitate your admission:

  • Your photo ID
  • Your health insurance policy and card
  • Your medical records and medical test results
  • Your usual medication including any treatment you are currently taking
  • Your personal belongings

Health insurance

The clinic has agreements with major insurance companies which can therefore cover your stay in a private or semi-private room, based on your policy.
If your insurance covers only part of your stay, you will be informed of the financial terms before your arrival.
A deposit will be required.

We welcome patients who do not have Swiss health insurance and provide a quote for all treatment requests.


Visits are at set times so that we can organise your care and rest. They are daily between 11am and 8pm.

Please respect visiting hours for the tranquillity of all our patients and to facilitate our care and treatment plan.
If you would like to share lunch or dinner with a family member or friend, simply inform the restaurant the day before.

On departure

You and your doctor will agree on your discharge date. The nurse will ensure that you leave with all your administrative and medical records.

Hospitalisation fees
The invoice will be sent directly to your insurance company.

Personal expenses
You will be asked to pay for telephone calls and ancillary costs that are not covered by your insurance on departure.