Excellence in Care

La Métairie is a psychiatric clinic with a proud history in the treatment of psychological disorders.  It has been offering the latest high quality treatments for over 150 years.



Spa & Wellbeing Centre

La Clinique La Métairie offers an integrated spa and wellbeing centre in its paramedical and sports complex, located in a 7-hectare park.  Inside the complex you will find a swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna and Jacuzzi...


Our restaurant benefits from excellent views of the park, allowing you to enjoy the dishes created by our catering team in an idyllic setting...

Treating depression

Many of us experience sadness which is temporary or linked to loss, but when it is accompanied by other symptoms such as an inability to feel pleasure, problems sleeping, loss of appetite and concentration and even perhaps suicidal thoughts, it can be indicative of full-blown depression.

Treating burnout

Nowadays, burnout affects huge numbers of both employed and self-employed people from every socio-professional sphere who are heavily involved in the start-up or day-to-day running of their businesses...




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