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Social service in psychiatry: its missions and scope

Within the psychiatric services of our clinics in La Métairie and Grand-Salève, the social worker advises, directs and supports patients in their social and financial difficulties.

Upon admission of the patient, a social assessment is carried out during the first meeting. Depending on the needs and respecting the autonomy of each individual, personalized support in collaboration with the care teams, the network and relatives, is provided throughout the stay.

Lorella Padula, social worker in our establishments, explains in more detail her role, missions and field of action with regard to psychiatry.

For any information on our social service, we are at your disposal by phone: on +41 22 363 20 20 (Clinique La Métairie) on +41 22 570 50 50 (Clinique du Grand-Salève)

World Bipolar Disorders Day

What is bipolar disorder? How to manage the risk of suicide in people with bipolar disorder? How to live with a patient on a daily basis? On the occasion of World Bipolar Disorder Day, we asked Dr Nicola Gervasoni, Medical Director of La Métairie Clinic, to shed light on this disease.

18th Schizophrenia Days: what is this delirium?

On the occasion of the 18th edition of Schizophrenia Days, the PositiveMinders association, which coordinates Schizophrenia Days internationally, wishes to re-establish the truth about one of the most impressive symptoms of schizophrenia: psychotic delusions . In the collective unconscious, these convey a lot of false beliefs and fears. Therefore, it is important to explain the disease and to de-dramatize it. Dr. Charles Scelles, assistant physician, tells us more.

Virtual reality, a new therapeutic tool at the service of our patients

Recently, the La Métairie clinic has acquired a Healthy Mind therapeutic virtual reality device to reduce the pain and anxiety of our patients. Thanks to a virtual reality headset and an audio headset, the patient is transported in a visual and auditory 3D experience during a therapeutic trip in a natural environment of his choice. Aurélien Hamion, assistant general manager at La Métairie clinic, tells you more about this tool and its benefits for our patients.

Psychomotricity: or how to connect body and mind.

Movement therapy, psychomotricity is intended to be a privileged space of exchange for everything concerning the body. During the sessions given at the La Métairie clinic by our psychomotor therapist Youri Occhipinti, the patient will try, in particular, to defocus the attention of his thoughts and to shift it towards his body and his feelings through personalized and tailor-made exercises.

La Métairie clinic: bodily mobilization, therapy in motion.

Taught in the heart of our magnificent park and in a 130 m2 room equipped with suitable equipment, the various sports programs of Clinique La Métairie aim to allow patients to regain autonomy through bodily mobilization covering various aspects.

Seismotherapy: a powerful treatment that saves lives.

What is seismotherapy? Why shouldn’t we be afraid of it? How does a session really go? Dr Ahamada Badini, psychiatrist and psychotherapist at Clinique La Métairie, answers all her questions and explains why this treatment is effective and can save lives.

Living with addiction: a former patient and his wife tell.

The testimonies of former dependents and their relatives are rare, and therefore precious. Maxime, a former patient of Clinique La Métairie’s addiction program, and his wife, Céline, agreed to speak in front of the camera to tell their story. From the discovery of La Métairie’s therapeutic program to abstinence, through denial, family life, the role of addiction counselors and the 12-step program, they gave themselves open-heartedly to pass on their experiences.

Sexology at La Métairie

History, pathologies and treatments: discovery of sexology with Dresse Lucia Porrero Nuche, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and sexologist at the La Métairie clinic.

Burnout: its origins and its treatment.

Isolation, anxiety, hyperconnection and teleworking: confinement can be taxing and lead to burnout. Who is affected? How to treat him? Julien Grand, Doctor of Psychology at Clinique La Métairie, provides his answers.